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Dnepropetrovsk is large and constantly growing city that has much to offer modern man and it is not only quality infrastructure, but also entertainment, cultural events. So people had the opportunity to move freely around its territory, were constructed of wide, multilane roads in places of the greatest congestion of cars. This solution allowed us to virtually eliminate many kilometers of traffic jams, allowing people time to get to work. The prospect of Truth – a wide track, with several lanes in both directions, there is always an active movement and rarely stand large tube. Motorists do not rarely want to know operational information about the condition of the road on which the movement is planned. This is not surprising, because in some cases, every minute counts. Great news for them is that the on-site Avenue of Truth was set the webcam to keep up with it can any user, regardless of where it is located. Online video from the camera is transmitted to the network around the clock, in real time, it is enough to have only good quality connection. The device does not stop feeding the stream even at night, with Webcams visible to the traffic flow moving along the Avenue. In the afternoon you can get a little more information from the camera is visible not only the lines painted on the road, but moving along her transport, pedestrian road and even stop for buses. The camera is available to any user of the network absolutely free, you only need to master time to view.

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