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The Church of St. John the Baptist was built in the shape of a cross, with a bird's eye view it resembles a crystal snowflake. Indoors can accommodate more than three hundred people, and on the square near the Church — about three thousand. At the bottom of the complex will be equipped with a baptistery, and people, both adults and children will be able to be baptized right in the waters of the Dnieper. This is the main feature of the Church. The dome of the temple in honor of St. prophet, forerunner and Baptist John now adorns the large statue of John the Baptist in the entire CIS. Sculpture of John the Baptist is situated facing East towards the Monastery island. Together with the cross and pedestal, the sculpture of John the Baptist is 7.5 meters, without a cross – 4,5 meters. The scope cloak – 3 meters. The sculpture is made of bronze, hollow, cross – stainless steel. The monument weighs over 4 tons. 25 November 2010, a sculpture of John the Baptist was consecrated by the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Vladimir. 7 December 2010 the sculpture was installed in the chapel. The author of the unique work – Odessa sculptor Nikolai the Stilts.

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