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In Dnepropetrovsk, as in any other city, there are not only industrial areas but also those places which were created by the administration specifically for cultural activities. One such place is the theatre of the Boulevard, on which day and night wander, both tourists and locals, to simply enjoy the atmosphere or shop at the nearby stores. Here is a great open space that is created for Cycling and roller skating, it is impossible not to use it. The Boulevard theater is a place where not seldom are big friends, there is nothing special for tourists, but local residents, he remains love. Look at today from the comfort of home with just a computer or phone that is able to reproduce the video signal. On the territory of the Boulevard was installed, a web camera, its location was selected in such a way that any user, regardless of location could see the necessary information. To watch the camera can be anyone, enough to have a good network connection. Online you can see not only the local architecture of the Boulevard, but the area around it. Of course, a virtual tour cannot replace the real feelings, but because it is possible to get an impression about this place. Webcam working around the clock in real time, all incoming information is accurate and is in demand on the network. In the night time in the field of view remain only the objects on the strip that are well illuminated by the light of lanterns, all the rest is inaccessible to the user, that's why the best time to view is after sunrise.

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