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It is difficult to imagine a large city with a developed infrastructure on the territory of which would not have railway station. Dnipropetrovsk is populated object, come here every day a large number of people and leaves out, so the station is never idle. By itself, the station is a strategically important facility, its infrastructure is built according to the standard, on site there is a room for waiting, driveway, Parking space for vehicles, offices and much more, which helps to ensure the normal operation and a comfortable stay tutu of people. Train station in the city is quite big, it holds more than a dozen people. To see its architectural features, you can use the web-camera stream which enters the network. The camera focused on the building of the station, the advantage of video is that it can view any user, regardless of their location. Webcam working around the clock, shooting even at night, but at sunset the picture is less contrast because of the lack of the device to night mode. On the picture you can easily see the direction of the movement of private vehicles, road markings, road signs and the location of the pedestrian zone in the area. The video will be a good helper to those who are going here on a trip, but wants to feel more confident when entering the facility. stream always provides timely and useful information in real time, therefore, is an indispensable assistant for those who have never been here.

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