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The city of Hadiach, which is located on the territory of Ukraine is situated on the river Psyol. From Poltava is 110 miles, and from Mirgorod only 60. Speaking of the official date of its creation, the historical evidence suggests about 1533, while the first mention of the fortifications appeared in the tenth century. By the seventeenth century the city became widely known in the country, he was not only a center of trade, but also had a good defense. Today the day is celebrated on 12 September, the locals are trying to honor the memory of their ancestors and sensitive to both cultural monuments and the nature of their city. One of the attractions of the city is its Central Park, where I love to spend time with people of any age. The city administration has tried to do so inside the facility was comfortable, so there was a set of benches, organized by a vast Park with shaded areas and lawn, planted flower beds and so on. A distinctive feature of Central Park is the lake where you can feed the birds, the children of such a pastime gives a lot of fun. To see the object you do not need today to take a vacation, enough to have a good connection to the Internet and a device to receive a picture and play it back. You can travel without leaving home, the web Cam is working around the clock stream is fed in real-time. The installers have tried to make the webcam as much as possible covered area of the Park, thanks to this any user can now assess the advantages and disadvantages of the object without any extra costs. In the Park there are no strong light sources after sunset, so the photo quality deteriorates.

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