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On the territory of Kamenets-Podolsky, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, are absolutely amazing sights that you can come and enjoy. One of them is the old Fort built not the top of the cliff. If you've never been there and do not have the opportunity to visit this place, can enjoy the beauty for a web camera mounted nearby. A driveway is a road bridge, with the supplied clock images in real time you can even examine the landscape, including the rock. Along the road from the sidewalk, installed lights, but despite that the number of light sources, not enough of them to consider in detail the grounds after sunset. It is seen that the flow of cars and tourists does not dry out during the day, it is not surprising, on the planet are not many fortresses have preserved their integrity. It is impossible not to feel the atmosphere of the middle ages coming to this place, around the fortress stretch the field, which are still handled by the locals.

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