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About webcam "The area in front of House of Culture" in Slobozhansky (Komsomol)

Slobozhanskoe or as it is used to call Komsomol, is organized as most of the cities of Ukraine. On its territory there are park areas, squares and well-formed infrastructure. You can look at the city through the lens of webcams installed in different areas. The square in front of the House of Culture is one of such objects. The webcam is open 24 hours a day, but the best time to inspect the site is the day, as night lights are not enough for high-quality lighting. The area in front of the house of culture does not have large dimensions, so it fits perfectly into the lens. Broadcast on-line can be used not only to get acquainted with the architectural features of the city, but also weather conditions. Regardless of the geographical position of the user, when the connection to the network is stable, the picture does not ripple or break.

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