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About webcam "Recreation Park on Prospekt Mira" in the city Konotop

Konotop is a Ukrainian city in the north, administratively included as a city of regional significance and does not belong to the district. Konotop is located about 129 km from the Sumy regional center. The settlement was first mentioned in 1635 in various documents, such as Novoselitsa. In 1642, in the place named after the Konotopka River, a Polish fortress was built. The river disappeared, but a fortification was created, which became a key moment in the struggle against the Muscovite state. In 1659 near the city center was the Battle of Konotop, in which the Cossacks, led by Ivan Vygovsky (in alliance with the Poles and Crimean Tatars) defeated the Muscovites. Only in 1782 the city received municipal rights. During the Second World War Konotop was occupied by the German army from September 3, 1941 to September 6, 1943. In 2015 the city elected Artem Semenikhin as its mayor. Konotop is an important center of mechanical engineering, a food production center and an important transport center. Various railway connections from Konotop: Moscow - Kiev, Simferopol - Minsk, Bahmach - Kiev, Bryansk - Sumy / Belgrade. It is one of the smallest cities in the country with its own tram system. The recreation park on Mira Avenue is very popular with local residents. It is an ideal holiday destination. You can see it in real time through the lens of the webcam, working around the clock. Video is available to anyone in real time, the picture quality is fine, you can consider the special architecture of this place.

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