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Веб камера Константиновка Вид на школу с высоты
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Konstantinovka is located in the Donetsk region in Ukraine. Today it is one of the main industrial cities of the country from the East. In Soviet times Kostiantynivka was considered the largest center for the production of iron, steel and even glass. As then, today the development of the city is large, local authorities try to maintain the previously obtained city status. Actively developing the backend infrastructure, including schools. Transport network, shops and more. To see one of the schools with the height on the screen of your own computer, installed there thanks to the webcam. the device is configured to work around the clock, a video, supplied to the network in real-time and available to anyone online. it is worth saying that the provision has a well-developed railway network, so it is connected with many cities not only in Ukraine. But also Russia. Here goes the train to Moscow, Donetsk and Kharkov.

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