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The Central square in every city and it is intended, generally, to conduct mass events, whether political or cultural event. Architecture and design of such areas is carefully considered so that they not only looked attractive, but could accommodate a few hundred people. In the city of Mashhad, located on the territory of Ukraine there is such a square, its dimensions are perfectly suited for celebrations and meetings. To see the object described, but to save on cost, you can activate the online broadcast, you will be able in real time to explore the beach. The camera was mounted in such a place, to cover more areas, such a provision allows users worldwide to obtain the maximum useful information for themselves. Webcam working around the clock, in the evening hours overlooking the square and the surrounding buildings, the area of the object at this point is not visible due to the remoteness of the webcam. After the sunset can be seen only the lights of the city and restaurants on the device there is no night mode, so the picture changes dramatically. If you wait dawn, it is possible to about the subject much more useful information, enough to have a good network connection and some free time for making virtual tours. The device will allow you for a minimal period of time to cover several cities in Ukraine to visit their sights and plain areas. Stream is always a good way to completely free to explore the city and appreciate its benefits.

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