Webcam Kurakhovo - Panorama from a height (southern)

About webcam "Panorama from a height (southern)" in the city Kurakhovo

Ukraine in the light of current events ceased to be of great interest to tourists, but it remains amazing beauty of nature, mountains, sea and many other attractions that are worth to see. For the good of man and humanity was invented the webcam broadcast serving network round the clock in real time. This video expands our understanding of the world, gives the opportunity to see the city which we never visit, this also applies to Ukraine. Most large and small cities in the country today can be seen on the screen of your own computer online. Kurakhovo is no exception, it is illuminated from different angles and the user can easily make a rough picture of life and political situation. This stream gives a panorama from the heights of the Park South, which enjoys great popularity among local residents. In summer here you can spend time with friends or just reading a book on a bench, in the winter the local children resorts on its territory to build a snowman or play snowballs. The web camera is mounted with such an angle that a user could virtually see the object. The device operates around the clock, but after sunset it is difficult to consider the area of the Park, and all because not enough light sources for high-quality and complete coverage of the object. To activate the stream on your own computer or phone any network user with a stable connection, the geographical location plays no role, absolutely free video.

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