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The fountain in the center and square in the territory of the city of Lozovaya that is situated on the territory of Ukraine – the place of accumulation of a huge number of locals almost every day, especially in summer. There is a huge unused area which is laid a smooth, quality pavement. It can be fun to roller skate or Bicycle, nearby are small shops for fun, and in the most intense heat you can sit near the water, to cool. So everyone can see the square and the fountain in its territory were installed webcam, working around the clock in real time. Unfortunately, in areas not concentrated sources of light, so after sunset most of the area becomes poorly visible. Web camera does not have night mode, but it can transmit not only the picture but also the sound, making a screen of your computer you can observe the lives of citizens. To watch the broadcast you only need to have a quality Internet connection and device to play.

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