Webcam Lviv - Pedestrians in the centre

Веб камера Львов Пешеходы в центре

About webcam "Pedestrians in the centre" in the city Lviv

It is very interesting to explore other cities and countries, especially those in which you will never going to visit. Modern web cameras today are not only a tool for communication, but also the opportunity to explore the world around them. Installed in urban areas, inside buildings, these devices give full information about an object entering the frame. This stream goes on pedestrians in the center of the city. In the lens of the camera gets one of the smaller territories of Lviv, one of the streets with large flow of people. The web camera installed on one of the rear and aimed at the sidewalk, on the right is a small part of the track, left the shops. On the broadcast, you can simply trace the route of human movement, the device is located close enough to the user to recognize faces in the frame. The camera operates around the clock, like any other, set on the street, to watch the video at any time convenient for you from the territory of any country where there is a stable connection to the Internet. If you want to enlarge the image, simply click on the button increasing the size of the player. This video can be useful if you want to know the city from all sides or just curious about the weather conditions. The camera is perfectly visible in Lviv, snow or rain, what force gusts of wind.

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