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People turn to God in most cases, when no hope remains for anything. The Orthodox and Catholic churches do the best they can to support believers and hospitably open the doors of the temples not only in the great feasts. So more users could see the beauty of some of the churches around them and in their territory were installed with the permission of the administration of cities in the webcam. thanks devices it has become possible to explore the temples in different cities and parts of the world. One of them is in the city of Lviv, Church of our lady of perpetual Help never closes its doors to the suffering, so his site always a huge amount of people. Here to help in any way I can, including shelter, and psychological support. The territory accommodates more than a dozen people, especially a lot of people on great holidays. Webcam installed so that a person could obtain a maximum of useful information on the site. Except for around the clock broadcast on the whole world of images in real time in camera and sound quality. The device works at night, however due to the lack of sufficient light is difficult to see anything at all in remote areas, corners and so on. To connect to the broadcast you need to have at hand a device capable of reproducing a video stream and an Internet connection.

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