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On the territory of Ukraine is full of Orthodox churches in which people come to rest and to peace. All are open to parishioners and is an heritage culture of the cities in which they are located. Lviv also has a Church of Josaphat, in which every day people come to place candles for the health and for the repose of their loved ones and relatives. Here, as is usual in any Church, are of service in connection with the holidays, that is why many try to come here for Orthodox days. If you are unable for some reason to go to Church or even to see her face, but desire has not dried up, now the stream of the Church available to everyone. You can enable it on your computer, you can connect to the Internet. No matter what in the world you are right now, stream is available round the clock in real time. This is a unique opportunity to not only see but also hear what is happening around the object in the big Church holidays. The webcam delivers clear picture and sound, so that you get the maximum useful information. At night the street becomes quiet, unless it is a night service, bad camera catches the outlines of the territory due to the lack of sufficient light, the rest of the time you can explore the territory, when you want.

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