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Supermarket Silpo in Lviv in Ukraine, is very popular among local residents due to the concentration on site according to different categories of goods. Coming here you can buy almost everything you need, including food, household chemicals and so on. To see a supermarket not necessary to visit the country, sufficient to enable the stream supplied from the web camera. the device works round the clock in real time, but after dark activity around the supermarket is reduced to zero. Though the camera captures only part of the building, it is not easy to determine its size. In front of the store is located Parking for cars, before you got close to it, you can always see if there's free space. Thanks to these possibilities you can not spend your free time and organize your day right. Next to the supermarket is one of the major routes in Lviv, opposite the bus stop and for it to not built-up area. Homes in the vicinity, but it can be seen by the camera at most stores lower.

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