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The city of Lviv, located in Ukraine, today is widely covered on the Internet. Web cameras were installed not only in the streets of the city, opposite sites, industrial and residential areas, but also within some institutions. One of these devices transmits a picture from the scene of the bar Metroklub. The administration gladly agreed to cooperate and allowed us to broadcast around the clock in real time indoors. Thus, the organizers of the bar are sure in order to the walls of the building, they have nothing to hide, on the contrary they are happy popularitybut stay at the bar, allowing users to see it from inside before they go. In the foreground in the frame of the bar scene, where the young people dancing, if your friends fall into the frame of the broadcast, you will see, it is enough to have a good Internet connection and a device to receive signals. The webcam not only gives a clear and sharp picture and sound, so you don't just see in real time what is happening inside the institution, but also hear everything that happens. The device was set so that the user could not just be seen on the scene people, but also the environment. A webcam is never deallocated, however, after the closure of the institution the primary users broadcast become administrators of the room, watching over its integrity and safety. If you are invited to the bar you can advance to see whether you should spend your free time and will interest you in the internal space and the atmosphere, in any case, you will get useful information and can save their time in case if you are not attracted to such places.

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