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Mickiewicz square is one of the Central squares of the city. According to a study by J. Witwicki on the territory of the Mickiewicz square in the period of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were a series of fortifications: tower Reznikov, Coopers and tanners, the bastions of the Wall and snake (aka Water), a stretch of High walls and earthworks. These fortifications were demolished in the late XVIII century by the Austrian authorities and with the beginning of the XIX century, the area began to be built. This territory was drained through the river flowed here Poltu threw two bridges in 1840. Thus was formed the size of Archduke Ferdinand, named after Ferdinand d'este, Austrian Governor of the province of Galicia and in Lodomeria 1832-1846. The name of Ferdinand-Platz (Plaza Ferdinand) was given from 29 June 1843.

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