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About webcam "Ancient street in the centre" in the city Lviv

The territory of Ukraine can impress with beauty of nature, the landscape, but there is installed a web camera grabs not only amazing pictures, but industrial, historic areas of cities. Now to see and appreciate the country fully you using broadcast from the set in each city Webcams. In Lviv in the frame were the old streets in the center, to see them you can through this stream, which is fed into the grid around the clock online. The device transmits the video signal to the network without stopping, the problem with the view occurs only if the user has bad network connection. The web camera installed on one of the buildings so the picture opening from the height of several floors is one of the intersections. The camera works both day and night, after the sunset, the visibility becomes significantly worse due to the lack of sufficient light source. In the frame of the city at night fall the passing cars and the lights in the Windows of the living people here. To see the old streets of Lviv, anyone can network, its geographical position plays no significant role, it is important to hand high-quality network connectivity. A web camera is not protected from precipitation and is located outside the building in the rain on the lens fall drops of water, which significantly impairs visibility when viewing. Across the stream you can read current information concerning the city, political situation or weather.

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