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In some cities, the market is not just a small area on site where you can find different categories of products, rather it is a place where it is difficult to decide due to the huge range of one type of product on the shelves of the pavilions. This market is located on the territory of Lviv is part of Ukraine. Enjoys great popularity as among local residents, and visitors vegetable pavilion on the market SHUVAR. It covers a huge area in the indoor space, so fruits and vegetables are stored longer, do not suffer from moisture and cold. People spend one day of your life, to choose necessary products on the market, all because the object is not only a huge area, but can offer a really good range of products. So anyone can see what it looks like from the inside market, the vegetable pavilion were installed webcam. Stream of the market is served to the whole world in open access, just turn on your computer and the Internet. Stream comes with a webcam around the clock real-time so you always have accurate and timely information about what is happening inside the vegetable pavilion. The market is not around the clock, with the end of the day it closes, but the camera continues to broadcast a picture. Due to the lack of a powerful source of light, the picture becomes difficult to see. All the lights in the room off, and if I forget something it's not enough to see the room in detail.

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