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Веб камера Львов Центральный парк

About webcam "Central Park" in the city Lviv

Central Park in Lviv, one of the favorite places where people come for a walk as the elderly and the young. Here a large number of walking paths, benches under the trees, there is entertainment for children. Major holidays in Central Park must undergo a major public event. The Park is enriched with flower beds and various trees, in the square brick tiles, so there like to ride bikes and roller skates. Often here come a group of people with the same interests, to spend time for fun conversation. In the summer heat you can hide from the heat. To all interested persons had the opportunity to see the object and to consider in detail its territory there was a web camera. The device works round the clock in real time, so you are always aware of what is happening on the stream covered by the picture. In the night time to consider anything becomes difficult because of the lack of a single powerful light source. Silhouettes of passersby are visible only under the lights, the rest of the Park becomes closed from the eyes. If you want to make a remote journey around Lviv, web camera is the ideal tool for this, rather have a device that accepts video signal and connection to the Internet.

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