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On the territory of almost every city there are areas designated for the market but not each of it is a huge area. The city of Lviv is populated object, it is a strategic objects of large area, entertainment complexes, residential and industrial districts. Not to say that the market SHUVAR is one of the attractions of this city, but it's safe to say that this is one of the most popular objects among locals and visitors. In the market there are many pavilions, where the goods of different categories. To assess the scale of the buildings is not enough just to look at the market from the inside, the best presentation gives an overview of the web camera on the market SHUVAR. From the height of bird's flight, on which it was installed, the object you are viewing almost completely. You can determine not only the location of the different pavilions, but also to determine where the driveway where arranged Parking for cars. Only here you can see and appreciate the area which is built under the market. From the height it becomes clear why some people do not have enough to travel the entire market. The webcam works in real time, stream is the whole world of free access, which means anyone can activate it in his computer to see the object. The shooting is done around the clock, but with the onset of darkness due to the remoteness of the web camera from the object is hardly visible separate pavilions. The picture only reflects light sources positioned in the market, the rest of the square remains hidden from human view, but only until dawn.

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