Webcam Mukachevo - Recreation in Nyzhnii studenyi

Веб камера База отдыха в селе Нижний Студеный

About webcam "Recreation in Nyzhnii studenyi" in the city Mukachevo

Ukraine – a country that, like Russia, is rich in landscapes. Here you can visit not only the sea and to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to visit a ski resort or simply go to the recreation center in the village of Nyzhnii Studenyi. The place is truly magnificent in both winter and summer, at every time of the year it opens up its charms rest, but whenever you decided on the trip a pleasant experience is guaranteed. To independently verify all we have said, enable the web camera, mounted on the base rest and you'll have no doubt where to spend your vacation. Base located in the middle of the forest, its territory runs a small river. Every area, which is somewhat remarkable, the owners of the territory could not correctly and accurately to beat. The area between the houses associated forest paths, there is a real bath and many more benefits that are sure to delight. Even on the banks of the river, which is an island bordering it on both sides, is a small building for the accommodation of tourists. The whole territory is fenced, has its own protection, inside the river protect the barricades, there are specially equipped with ramps and small wharves. For those who like to spend an active holiday, here too, there is something to do. Enjoy the cuisine of local chefs, and for those who prefer to cook for themselves, arranged gazebo with barbecue. Despite the fact that the base is located in the woods, the buildings have a satellite dish, so no civilization vacationers not staying.

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