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Ukraine is a beautiful country, on its territory there are many cities with unique architecture and nature can only be happy for the variety of its landscapes. Mountains, forests, rivers, sea and many more can be seen here, but installed by the country the webcam cover not only the landscape of the country, most of them stands directly in the cities. This stream is in real time with the Central square of the city of New Kakhovka. The camera has great image quality, so to the user a clear picture of the object. A small distance from the square, allowed to almost fully cover her. The camera lens entirely included the main administration building, the square and surroundings behind. The city administration is taken care of over the organization of the territory, as a result, the road is lined with square tiles, arranged flowerbeds and other green spaces. Look at the object at any convenient time, the camera operates around the clock, regardless of your geographic location you can activate the stream on your computer or phone. The only prerequisite for viewing online videos – high-quality connection to the Internet. A web camera can be used to determine the weather in the city, if necessary, the picture in the player can be enlarged to fit the screen. No restrictions to viewing the broadcast is not, you can always see the Central square, but in the dark in the frame visible only the lonely lights and the light in the Windows of the building.

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