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Веб камера Пограничный пункт пропуска Чаплынка

About webcam "The border crossing point Chaplynka" in the city Nova Kakhovka

The border checkpoint Chaplynka goes in both directions, with officials protecting the entrances and exits, especially after the latest events in Ukraine. When someone gets to the border checkpoint, he or she will be asked to identify themselves, and an interview can be conducted about the nature of the visit. Vehicles are usually checked for smuggling, identification and stamping may require a passport. People can be detained at border checkpoints for alleged violations of the law, the lack of proper passport marks and other issues. When leaving the country at the border checkpoint, the official usually checks the passport and documents of the traveler quickly to make sure that everything is in order. The border checkpoint is used to control the flow of people into and out of the country. It is the first line of protection against illegal immigration, as well as the first call point for asylum seekers, since asylum-seekers usually state their intention at the border. The checkpoint is also used to store contraband goods, including illegal drugs and dangerous agricultural products, from the country and as a line of protection against entry into the country for criminal purposes. Web camera on the post allows you to assess the situation there in real time. The device does not cover a large area, but the lens itself fits perfectly the post itself.

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