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The Central square with DK GORNYAK – the territory of the city Novotroickoe, which is the year many cultural events. Not to say that this settlement has a developed infrastructure, as constructed nature of the examined object. There are not many large, multi-storey buildings, and people prefer to engage families and household who have it. For a change there was a web camera which covers the entrance to the House of culture and the area in front of him. There are no fancy patterns, beautifully paved with flower beds, but the club is also about young people and for some parents, web Cam perfect assistant, which helps to trace the whereabouts of the child. On the sides, if you look closely, you will notice a small but sufficient number of benches, trees can be fun to play or just to chat. The camera works in real time around the clock, but at night due to the lack of concentrated source of light everything is happening under the camera becomes meaningless. In the best case, we can only see human silhouettes, but nothing more. if you once lived here and want to return for a moment to their homes, this is perfect to remember the usual nature and landscape maintenance.

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