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The train station is an integral part of the infrastructure of some cities. As a rule of its own device looks the same everywhere, there is a room for waiting, the platform, benches on the street, dustbins, car Parking for vehicles and the area. In small cities there are no stations, this is because there may simply not pass the railroad or is it enough to have a station for the departure and arrival of passengers. The city of Melitopol belongs to the category of those items on which station to receive trains, residents are flocking to the neighborhood to go on a journey not only across the country but also beyond its border. A distinctive feature of the square in front of the railway Station in Melitopol are green spaces, richly adorning the site. The city administration strictly monitors the on the streets and around the office and other important installations were green planting, beneficial effect on the landscape quality and visual appeal in General. To see the area could not only residents of the city in the search space to Park the car, there was a webcam. The picture is fed from it to the Internet round the clock, you just have to connect your computer to the network. The shooting is done in real time, the picture quality is great, you can see a lot of useful information, not just location. Because of the distance of the camera from the main light source image is deteriorating with the onset of darkness, night mode on the device is not provided, therefore, to consider the object we urge in the daytime.

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