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The location of the city on the Black Sea coast helped to create a thriving tourism industry in Odessa. The famous city of Arcadia and its beach has long been a favorite place for recreation, both for residents of the city, and for many of its visitors. This is a large sandy beach, which is located to the south of the center. Many sandy beaches of Odessa are considered quite unique in Ukraine, since the southern coast of the country (especially in the Crimea) tends to be a place in which the formation of stony and pebbly beaches grows. Coastal rocks adjacent to the city are home to frequent landslides, which leads to a typical landscape change along the Black Sea. Because of the wavering slopes of the land, urban planners are responsible for monitoring the stability of such areas and for preserving potentially threatened buildings and other structures of the city above sea level near the water. Also, a potential danger for the infrastructure and architecture of the city is the presence of several underground openings. Due to the impact of climate and weather on sedimentary rocks under the city, there is instability of foundations. You can see the Black Sea from the 10th station in Odessa through a web camera lens that carries out its work around the clock. Broadcast is available in online mode to anyone interested in the user.

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