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Ukrainian city of Odessa is of great interest to people around the world, really is not just a extraordinary object for travel, but the city, which is a huge number of attractions. This place is worth visiting not only for beaches, although it is not well-developed and the coastline is fully adapted to the needs of tourists, but also for the development of local culture and traditions. A lot is mentioned about the Odessa humor, actually the locals are very friendly and are always happy to see visitors. Be sure to try the cuisine, which is famous for the Ukrainian people. This is a new story in your book of discovery, especially if you're a foodie and good food for you thing for life. Thanks to technological advances was the opportunity to explore not only the attractions but also ordinary areas. Such information gives real-time clear view of the city as a place where there is always the opportunity to move to a permanent place of residence. To see the Fifth station of Big fountain in Odessa today, on the screen of your own computer, it is enough to connect it to the Internet and run the live broadcast from the event. A webcam was installed here so that the person receives a maximum of useful information, so it is a bit removed from the square. The shooting is done around the clock, but due to the lack of the device to night mode after sunset, it becomes difficult to examine in detail the object. In one shot you can see the lights from the few lamps, but everything else remains hidden by the veil of darkness, but after the sunrise picture is available to you around the clock and completely free, regardless of your location.

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