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Odessa city is one of the most beautiful on the territory of Ukraine, there is always something to see, especially attracts the attention of tourists the beach, viewing platform and Avenue of Stars. If tourists thousands of tourists from all over the world to marvel at the beauty of local nature and man-made objects of humanity, in connection with the crisis the flow of tourists significantly reduced, but not diminished interest in the attractions of Odessa. In this regard, it was decided not just to be installed on large urban sites Webcams, but to let broadcast for free all over the world. The device is almost fully covered with the bird's eye view of the Avenue of Stars, revealing to the audience not only her beauty, but also the architectural features of the object and closest thereto. The device is in clock mode, the shooting never stops, day or night, but after dark to see anything on the screen becomes more difficult, well only those parts of object that have lights. All information broadcast via a webcam operational, the device operates in real time, in some cases, this is a unique assistant which helps to know the political situation in the city, weather conditions and much more. For locals Webcams have become a means for the determination of availability of Parking lots, traffic jams, thanks to them, now they can greatly save their time and money. if you are only going to Odessa, webcam will become your first guide to tourist attractions completely free, you just need Internet access and a computer. Not spending extra money on a ticket, you can now easily determine the place where you will spend your vacation, these and other opportunities today give you the camera.

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