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Odessa – the Ukrainian city full of wonders, people in a good mood, amazing beaches and fascinating attractions. The black sea in Arcadia beach is something else, not what was used in the area of Sochi and Gelendzhik, where the water is cleaner and the air is different. On the sea never tire of a web camera installed and aimed at the sea, covers a huge area. Put it so that the picture gave the user a maximum idea of what's waiting for him. In the frame of online translation is a small pier, passing by a few tens of meters in the sea. It is a great place for fishermen and lovers of diving. Even from here you can clearly see that in this area a gentle descent to the sea, and the coastline is very long. In season the whole beach is covered with tourists, the rest is there just for a walk. This is a unique opportunity to see the storm in all its glory, or just to learn about the weather in real time. Stream is available to residents of any country, it is absolutely free. At night, the picture worsens due to the fact that the camera is not designed for night shooting.

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