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On the territory of Odessa Dolphinarium Nemo is where I like to go not only local residents but also tourists arriving in the city on vacation. There really is something to see, moreover, you can freely communicate with marine animals that it is impossible in a familiar environment. Trip to the Dolphinarium the most fascinating children, it is a memorable and vivid experience for them. In coordination with the administration of the Dolphinarium were installed a web camera, with which now anybody can see the object. The device gives a free access to broadcast for any user of the Internet, enough to have a device to receive pictures and connect to the network. No matter where you are in the moment, you can see the Dolphinarium with my own eyes. The translation is in real time, so all the information is accurate. Night time shooting is difficult because of the lack of sufficient light, however, can be most interesting to see the day when a clear view of the project site and people come here for the view. The webcam gives you a unique opportunity to see the most important objects in cities around the world, you just need to devote some free time to enjoy not only quality picture but also sound.

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