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About webcam "Swimming pool in the hotel complex Nemo" in Odessa

The hotel complex "Nemo", located on the territory of Odessa, a very popular place among tourists coming here to spend your vacation. Before to explore the territory of the object can be only once here, but now the opportunity was there, every person on the planet, regardless of where it is located. New opportunities opened for Internet users when it was installed with permission of property of the webcam. The device is directed to the pool in the Hotel complex "Nemo", it completely covers the object and allows us to consider the surrounding area. It is very convenient if you just make your choice of where to stay in the city. Web camera gives around the clock coverage in real-time. You see and hear what is happening inside the complex covered by the camera distance, can assess not only the level of demand of the facility, number of people, but weather conditions in the city as a whole. In the night time will be difficult, in detail, to see what was happening, and all because the light sources are not sufficient to cover the territory fully. Stream is available, it may be seen in any part of the world simply to have a device for receiving a video signal and a good connection to the Internet.

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