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In the big city never stops building, the old buildings were gradually demolished they are replaced by new many storeys which can accommodate more people. This rule applies to Odessa, where with the same regularity, work is underway to build a new housing for the next generation. If changes in the infrastructure will not occur and the growth of the city stops, then after a few generations will have nowhere to place new families with children. Some houses are in the construction phase demonstrates a web camera mounted above them. It enables not only developers and investors to monitor the construction, but also for those who intends to move to a new house to see how fast things are moving and what happens in the end. The construction of a multistory building is always a long process, people who are looking forward to your apartment may seem that time is infinite and even stand still, but becomes easier if you watch the online broadcast from the construction site and see the progress every day, grow up the walls and build the roof. On the territory of Odessa a lot of buildings, but not all of them are broadcast through the lens of the webcam. This webcam overlooks one of these houses, it works around the clock, and therefore the construction of the object can be observed at any time convenient for you. The recording quality is excellent, but due to the fact that the device is greatly removed from the surface of the earth can see the overall view of the building, not the work of the builders downstairs. In any case, the web camera helps to monitor how fast moving the construction of the house, this is a unique opportunity to monitor the quality of work and timeframe.

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