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Shopping and entertainment center "Equator" can be found on the street. S. Palia in the resort town called Odessa. 4,600 square meters occupies the building of the center, only two floors with a ceiling height of almost four meters. Near the center there is parking for cars with a capacity of 86 cars. This is a well-equipped communications building, there is a screen on the facade where you can place your movie for a fee. The shopping center is located at the intersection of the Dnepropetrovsk road and the street of Academician Zabolotny. Nearby residential residential area, the road to which about 10 minutes. On average, the center can host up to 100,000 people per day. You can look at the object through the lens of a modern webcam. The quality of shooting is good, with the onset of darkness, the picture may change, but all because the device does not have a night mode. The webcam offers a round-the-clock online broadcast with the possibility of free viewing at any end of the world, where there is a connection to the network.

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