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Odessa often becomes an object of observation on the part of our users, so we try to closely monitor the renewal of the opportunities to observe this or that place. Today you can spend time and enjoy watching the city garden. At first it may seem that this is so unusual, but this place is considered the most favorite among the townspeople. You will be surprised how often people are there and how they sometimes like to stop to just watch the environment. We are sure that such a process will surely provide a pleasant pastime, but do not forget to come and watch this place at different times of the day. The first thing that will rush into your attention is a large number of very different and interesting trees. Thanks to the active monitoring of this place by the authorities, you will have the opportunity to simply enjoy a pleasant environment and feel the freshness of this place. Do not forget about flowerbeds, where there is a large number of flowers. You can personally track which of them are unique, and which are simply planted for a general pleasant picture. The people who often run through this park, filling the place well, and will just get a lot of pleasure from the combination of each element. By the way, in winter almost every tree is decorated with pleasant lights in this place, which can not but rejoice and will certainly allow you to enjoy every minute of observation. As you can see, there are more positive sides in this place than ordinary typicality. We are sure that each of you will find something personal, pleasant and special. It remains only to have a good time and try not to miss a single detail. Now this place will be available to you always and at any time. We wish you good luck and good mood!

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