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On the territory of the city there is a large area used for various purposes. Some of them in their capacity allow for large city events, others are used for meetings, but they are all carefully thought out regarding the architecture and main facilities. The Greek area has a large area, it is possible to freely place a few transport trucks. In the area houses the administration building, all paved area in front of them, this is the main reason why there often like to train cyclists and those who ride on the rollers. To illuminate the area of the square in the media on one of the pillars has been installed the webcam, the picture is fed from it in real time around the clock. Above the square there is a concentrated source of light, so after dark, the photo quality deteriorates. The stream is freely available, anyone can see the object from the screen of your own computer, it's enough to have a good connection to the Internet. Webcam makes it possible for any user to get acquainted with some of the major attractions of Odessa. Picture contrast, clear, the device is able to transmit the sound from the event, which is important when you personal reason are not able to attend the festival held in the square. If you have ever dreamed of being on the territory of Ukraine Odessa is the city on which you will not be sorry to spend the time and money.

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