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It has become customary to consider Odessa as one of the "capitals" of laughter and humor, with witty people, "Humorina" festival, a kind of speech, and Mikhail Zhvanetsky. But besides the humor there are many other attractions that can be seen today from the comfort of home, simply activate the video stream. The Istanbul Park and the intersection of alleys in its territory – one of the angles, erected there for the webcam. Regardless of your geographical location, the picture is absolutely free of charge goes to the phone or computer. The image is always contrast and clear, it clearly conveys the greenery, the height of its plantations. Webcam working around the clock in online, her stream available on any device reproducing the video signal, it is not designed for night shooting, so the best time to view the broadcast day. This is the place Park is not enough artificial light, so people in the Park after sunset are difficult to see only silhouettes. What is the stream? It can help you to travel the world, to see the weather in the city, to get acquainted with one of the most amazing places in Odessa.

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