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In several reasons of the special status of Odessa call "features of the Odessa mentality." Man that is born of the sea, sometimes it is stormy and black, the calm and turquoise blue, covered with ice, shaking the boat or the ship where you're the passenger, it would seem that the eternal and infinite elements in comparison with the moment of life, has an advantage over born in the steppes, the desert or the metropolis, distant from the ocean. Sea and air – is health and recreation, and most importantly: Odessa – philosophers, it is easier to understand the categories of eternity and infinity, of constant motion of the world, watching and listening to the surf. They do not know how to miss and long to suffer from loneliness, for with the sea – talk, sometimes hearing the voice of God. But love is not only sea, but also local parks, which today can be seen through the lens of the installed webcam. The stream is fed into the grid around the clock, regardless of your location, the picture is contrasting and clear, if you have a stable connection. The online stream will be great helpers young travelers, through it you can feel the spirit of this place, to feel its special atmosphere. Playground at Istanbul Park attracts many young people to imagine they are playing football or skating. Using video to monitor your child, if he is in there.

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