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Odessa city surprises visitors with its beauty but the sea there is always something to admire. One of these attractions the Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace. In a relatively small area located a white column with a viewing platform, which offers incredibly fascinating spectacle. From here you can see the sea, passing him on the court. Due to the fact that the area is located on a hill, the view opens up to several hundred kilometers. On the square flower beds and small garden area. Arriving in the city tourists try for the holidays be sure to visit here to take pictures to show their friends. But that was before, now, in real time, anyone can see the attraction due to the installed object in front of the webcam. The device completely covers the area and the area around it. The webcam works around the clock in different time of the day the landscape is changing in an incredible way. If you wanted to go to Odessa, but have you not had the opportunity is a great chance inexpensively to see the Colonnade. The camera operates around the clock, but after sunset the picture is getting worse, all because square is missing a powerful source of light. The rest of the time the picture is clear and bright enough to be able to enjoy what he saw.

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