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On the territory of Odessa is not only a place frequented by tourists, but also those objects, where most of the time the local population. One of them is the Independence Square, the size of which can simultaneously accommodate here up to several hundred people. the square is used not only for daily walking but also Cycling, rollerblading. In some cases, the object selected by the city administration for mass cultural and political events. To see the area of the square today not to separate from home, you need to have on hand device perceives the video signal. To the network users had the opportunity to see the object from a distance, there was installed a webcam. Its position was selected so that the webcam is completely covered the area. The device is a bit farther from the object, so managed to reach the view that appears before the audience. The advantage of Webcams that stream from it available to residents of any city on the planet, the only condition – the presence at hand high-quality connection to the Internet. The webcam works around the clock, access is also provided throughout the day, but with sunset, the picture quality changes. not all devices are equipped with a night shooting mode, so the contrast and brightness of the picture disappear as soon as the sun gets to the Zenith. Images are captured in real time while the user is watching a video online. All the information presented in the video accurate and timely enough to grab some time to see the area, everything else is completely free.

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