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In Odessa, you can be happy to spend not one month, enjoying its sights, culture, nature. It is truly the city on the territory of which collected one magnificence, the person could have all this cultural merge in one place. Of course the majority of people arriving in Odessa on the beach, but this city is beautiful at any time of the year and here is always where to spend time and what to see. A vivid example of architectural art and human labour is the Opera house, which still give great concerts to the audience. Tourists come here for different reasons, someone wants to study the architectural features of the building, others are Opera fans, and others just want to stroll around the square before the Opera house. It is because during large concerts, the flow of the huge fans outside the theater were organized by a wide Parking for motor transport. So that people could see the area in front of the Opera house here has installed a web-camera. Stream from the device is supplied round the clock in real time, that's why the user always has the operational information as to how many free car Parking and is it popular proposed concert. The web camera at night does not cease to submit a picture for the whole world to connect to the broadcast enough to have a device to play and connection to the Internet. After sunset, the photo quality is getting worse, well only those areas where there are concentrated light source. Position for the webcam was selected in such a way that people could get maximum of useful information about the theatre and the area around it

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