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Pizzeria – institutions that are now almost all cities around the world and the city of Odessa became the exception. Here is the pizzeria at the fountain, which is very popular not only with locals but also tourists. This popularity is due to quality service, friendliness, good pizza and this is probably the most important thing. View job employees establishments today without leaving home, you need to have on hand a computer and a good connection to the Internet. The management of the pizzeria decided to make their work more open to customers, so we installed inside the webcam, the stream which immediately enters the network and is freely available. It is for those who would like to learn more about the work of the institution in using a web camera installed and transmitting video in real time around the clock with the pizzeria. Mounted camera here takes the reception of orders and the area around, you can see the movement of staff. Thanks to the quality of the picture and the correct positioning of the device, the user receives a maximum of useful information for themselves. A virtual journey helps you to save money in the purse, gives a clear idea about the popular institution and demonstrates the style of work, interior, the number of visitors. The web camera will help you to understand whether the lighted object is the place where you wanted to come and spend your free time. The webcam works around the clock in night time to consider in detail the object will be difficult, the school is closed for the night, and the light inside is extinguished.

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