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In any city there are industrial facilities, which are of particular interest, but the access to which is strictly prohibited because of safety requirements. Despite the lack of historical value of these objects, people wanted to see them, viewed from side, some of them were installed a web camera. As they say, forbidden fruit is sweet, a webcam, a picture of the clock in real time, allows you to repay the interest. In Odessa, such a device is installed against the high-voltage substation, which provides electricity not one district. Access to it is strictly prohibited to outsiders, but the fact of the matter is, the facility trying to get children and sometimes adults. The device covers the territory of the substation and the object itself, now anyone can see how work proceeds, who monitors the substation. This is a good opportunity for managers to trace the normal operation, and in case of an emergency you can quickly while on the road or at home to assess the situation. Station – strategically important object for Odessa, so it is important that its work was carried out smoothly and did not appear onlookers. At night stream continues to go, only the visible e parts, which have over a concentrated light source.

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