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About webcam "Shopping series on the market 7-th kilometer" in Odessa

In the territory of any big city is bound to have a market where you can buy almost everything you need. In Odessa on the 7th kilometer is located such wounds, which occupies a large area. You can see it without leaving your computer, simply enable presented on this page to stream from the web camera installed in front of the object. the video is fed into the grid around the clock, but after dark shopping series on the market 7-th kilometer minimized and the operation stops completely. For the guards lit not numerous lamps which are virtually invisible from the lens of the web camera. to consider the object in detail will not work due to the lack on the camera to night mode, so the best time for viewing the video of the day. The stream is fed into the grid absolutely for free online you can get useful information, no matter where you are. The only proper connection is a good connection. In the frame of fall as the time-series themselves, and a large area around the market. Mounted at such a distance from the object the camera helps to see the whole picture and to assess the extent of building, and they are really dazzling. In the foreground is a Parking for private transport, people here leave their cars before you go to market. If you enlarge the picture, and the possibility the player has, it becomes clear. As far as shopping arcades are popular with local residents. Before the holidays there is nowhere to put the vehicle due to the large flow of customers. Come to the market not only for their own transport, they come here several buses and you can get there by taxi.

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