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Sea, despite the fact that seems the same on all sides, differs depending on which side is. To the South where it helps to create a unique microclimate due to which rare plants grow where colder it only exacerbated the already harsh conditions. In Odessa, the seaside, and even given the fact that on its shores are several cities, it has its differences. The sea is wonderful evidence of that in different places one sea may have its individuality. To allow people to remotely appreciate the advantages of this place, there was a webcam. A picture broadcast round the clock in real time, this means that the user is always aware of the number of tourists in a particular season and may not watch the weather forecasts. Sea Ukraine has a deep blue tint that is in perfect contrast with the white sandy beaches. Typically, the coastline is maximally adapted to the needs of tourists, but there were also wild beaches where to rest especially nice. Webcam completely covers the sea surface to the horizon, laterally to the extent allowed by the volume of the frame, but it's enough to see the benefits. With the onset of sunset, the picture changes and you see a completely different sight. When the sun goes behind the horizon completely, the stream keeps going, but is nothing to be seen due to the lack of light source.

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