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Odessa is unique in its architecture the city where there is always something to see. You can come here to relax on the beach, and you can spend time exploring the sights. Besides the monuments, lookout glade and more in the city there is another attraction – the Chernomorets stadium. It is a large square building, which hosts sports events, a ticket is not so expensive, so people try not to miss a unique opportunity to see their favorite teams live. If early to visit the stadium, it was necessary to buy the ticket in the country, today it is sufficient to have at hand a computer and a good Internet connection. The stadium is illuminated for the whole world via our live webcam. The device works in real time around the clock. Thanks to a web camera you can evaluate the quality of the object, inspect the immediate area to it, and just to visit another country without spending any extra money or my own free time. The device was located so that users worldwide could get maximum information. The webcam works all the time, but with sunset, the photo quality gets worse, so it's best to watch the stream when all is illuminated by the light of day. This is a unique opportunity to obtain additional information about the place where you have never been and perhaps never will.

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