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The city is a major seaport on the Black sea and the largest port in Ukraine. The ancient Greek colony had once occupied the place of the city. Numerous monuments of antiquity confirm the relationship between the territory and the Eastern Mediterranean. In the middle ages these lands were part of Kievan Rus, the Golden Horde, the Great Lithuanian Principality, the Crimean khanate and the Ottoman Empire. In the XIV century it traded edisanskie Tatars. During the Russian-Turkish wars these lands were captured by Russia at the end of the 18th century. With the years 1819-1858 Odessa was a free port. In the Soviet period it was the most important commercial port in the Soviet Union and a Soviet naval base. 1 January 2000 the Quarantine pier of Odessa trade sea port was declared a free port and free economic zone for a period of 25 years. Odessa is a port with limited military potential. The Turkish control over Dardanelles and Bosphorus has enabled NATO to control water traffic between Odessa and the Mediterranean sea. In Odessa, there are two important ports: Odessa itself and the South (international oil terminal), situated in the suburbs of the city. Another important object of Illichivsk located in the same region, southwest of Odessa. Together they represent a major transport hub, combined with the Railways. Odessa's oil - and chemical-technological systems associated with relevant networks of EU-Russia strategic pipelines. Some objects can be seen today through a web camera installed in the city. The square is one of them, the picture is fed from it online around the clock.

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