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Some still think that the tourist business in Ukraine, despite the fact that there too the sea, is not well developed, but this is not true. In such modern cities as Odessa tourism business takes its course, though not as fast as abroad. The beach in Zatoka is very popular not only among the locals who love to come there on a weekend. Visitors happy to spend time equipped for a beach holiday areas and some specially come to the city on vacation. The coastline is gently sloping, so the beach is good to spend time with the kids. In season beach Apple nowhere to fall, people go with their chairs and umbrellas to hide from the scorching sun. A few meters from the water is a small administrative facilities, including changing cabins, showers with fresh water, and shops with Souvenirs and equipment. So you can see how the beach claimed that there was a webcam aimed at one part of it. Activate the stream and you will be surprised how the lunch is reserved for holidaymakers crowded area. Webcam working around the clock in real time, environment of the sea and height of waves you can appreciate from the comfort of home. after the order becomes bad that is seen and all because the site is not covered.

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