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Веб камера Рубежное Центральная площадь Ленина
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About webcam "Central Lenin Square" in Rubezhnoye

As in many cities of Ukraine in Rubezhnoe has a Central square of Lenin on the territory of which hosts a number of events. It could be a political or cultural event, what is more important, in the square at the same time can gather up to several hundred people. The main attraction of the square is the monument to the leader of the people, there are flower beds that adorn the object and other greenery, and benches to stop. Square love to spend time with people of different ages, young people come here to ride bicycles and roller-skates, the elderly gathered interest for a fascinating conversation. Early to see the area of the square could only be arriving in the city, now the opportunity was there, every person on the planet who can connect to the Internet. On the square were installed a web Cam that broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time. If within the illuminated space, there is something interesting, you will always be aware of the event. Web camera provides not only high-quality stream, but the sound of the scene of the shooting. The device works during the day, but after dark it becomes more difficult to distinguish the silhouettes of people due to the lack of a bright light source. Webcam installed so that the user can see more, that is, not only the territory of the square, and the adjacent district, road and local people who spend their free time here.

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